I'm kinda scared, is this serious (its gross)?

Answer Having no idea of your current size or condition, its hard to say for sure, but when I get below 5% body fat that happens.Hormones released by fat have a lot to do with regulating your digestive sy... Read More »

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Ok this is kinda gross?

Prunes (or prune juice which is easier to find) and laxatives. You can find prunes at your local grocery store and I'm pretty sure you can find laxatives there too. It's healthy to poop around 1-... Read More »

OMG! this is kinda just warning you now..?

thanks for the warning even though it did'nt do much lol.

OK, I need help fast, this is kinda serious?

Avast Home Edition: Avast home edition is free and effective, it protects your PC from infected webpages, scans your downloads and emails for viruses (AVG free does neither) and has built in anti-r... Read More »

Why do I think fat people are kinda gross?

They are pretty gross. Some of them are too fat to get up to go to the bathroom and just wallow in their mess.