I'm kind of nervous about my first day of school tomorrow :(?

Answer i set my self a target of what i want to have completed by when, it's a good motivator as you tick each task off. example research nutrition - 1/1/09 write up nutrition notes into assignment - 17/1... Read More »

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How to Not Be Nervous About Starting Middle School for Your Very First Time?

Elementary school is very different from middle school. You have more teachers, more classes, and more responsibility. People expect you to act more like an adult than a child. This makes preteens ... Read More »

My FIRST Orthodontist appointment is tomorrow and i'm nervous!?

You will do fine!! I have been in there so many times that its not even funny! I have had a retainer, jaw expanders, molar rotator (those aren't to bad). Just make sure you breath and relax and eve... Read More »

Im really nervous about school?

I was the same way when I got my monthly gift in school. All you have to do is wear a pad and during the day when you have to change it keep extra pads in your backpack or locker so you can change ... Read More »

I'm a little nervous about taking my permit test, yeah I know kind of lame!?

Listen friend taking a drivers permit test is not that hard just go for and don't give up into you do it right the first time or the second or the time third or the 4th time it doesn't matter ho... Read More »