I'm installing HP-LG1100 but receiving the message to insert CD XP ROM G:i386?

Answer You need the software Cd of HP-LJ1100 during install though u have that back-up copy of the software in ur hard disk. G--here means G-drive is ur cd drive they are searching for files on that drive... Read More »

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How do you stop your iPhone from receiving a WAP text message every so often telling you to top up?

Why do I keep on receiving Windows Live Messenger error message 81000306?

Can you disable the firewall or any antivirus may be bloking the exe file of the msn or you can uninstall the msn and reinstall with the latest version and see and update your windows software also .

I am receiving an error message when i try to use the majic jack with my phone even though internet connection?

Care to share the error message with us? Or just want us to guess?~Try restarting you computer.

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Open an email program that supports HTML. Start a new email. In the options, choose "HTML" as the email type. Create your HTML email in another application, such as a Web creation application. View... Read More »