I'm in pain and i need advice?

Answer I suffered a traumatic extraction, like you're describing, years ago. The dentist has shattered your tooth as it was extracted, as you know, this are the pieces coming to the surface. Be careful p... Read More »

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Need advice re: (post-surgical) neuropathy pain medication alternatives?

Yeah, I've still got neuropathy and phantom pain from my partially severed spinal cord, brain damage and Harrington rod installation. I've got the same 14" scar with a detour over one hip to pick ... Read More »

Started experiencing shin pains recently...need tips and advice to get past the pain.?

Shin splints. Caused by repetetive stress to the lower limbs. Runners commonly suffer from it. Only cure is rest. Won't go away otherwise. If you rest up for even a week you should feel an improvem... Read More »

Any advice on tail-bone pain?

Many times our body part get injury without our notice. Tail-bone pain could be caused by injury. X-ray taking can screen out if there is a fracture. For chronic pain which is induced by chronic i... Read More »

Has anyone got any advice for back pain?

Firstly, you are referring to Cortisone injections. These are administered into the facet joints of your spine at the epicentre of pain. Take it from me I've had 6 - they don't work! They are a ... Read More »