I'm in pain and i need advice?

Answer I suffered a traumatic extraction, like you're describing, years ago. The dentist has shattered your tooth as it was extracted, as you know, this are the pieces coming to the surface. Be careful p... Read More »

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Please give me some advice im in pain?

Your wisdom teeth could be crowding the rest of your teeth, making them move slightly in your jaw. That would cause them to hurt (much like getting braces on your teeth). You better call your de... Read More »

Has anyone got any advice for back pain?

Firstly, you are referring to Cortisone injections. These are administered into the facet joints of your spine at the epicentre of pain. Take it from me I've had 6 - they don't work! They are a ... Read More »

Any advice on tail-bone pain?

Many times our body part get injury without our notice. Tail-bone pain could be caused by injury. X-ray taking can screen out if there is a fracture. For chronic pain which is induced by chronic i... Read More »

Please...can someone help with advice concerning lower back pain?

You've got exactly what I just got over. What you have is a form of sciatica. You are going to need chiropractic treatment. When you get your x-rays done, it will most likely show either a compress... Read More »