Im in grade 9 and i have to get a tetanus shot.. does it hurt?

Answer it will only hurt for about a week or two...and not terrible pain it sort of feels like a bruise

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Tetanus shot Does it hurt Help!!!?

ok... IT FEELS LIKE NOTHING... seriously.. i was sooo scared... and i was closing my eyes when it happened... and i was like are you gonna do it? and the doctor said that he already did it..!!!! lo... Read More »

When you get a tetanus shot, does it hurt?

do push ups or use your arms (or where ever your getting the shot) right after. it helps the stuff move around in your arm and itll help it not be as sore. Trust me it helps!!! i know it sounds du... Read More »

Does it hurt to have a gardasil shot?

The Gardasil shot hurts worse than almost any other shot I can think of. I got all three rounds of Gardasil last year. I got three other shots at the time of the first Gardasil (flu shot, tetanus s... Read More »

I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?