I'm in desperate need of a name for my day care please help ASAP!!!?

Answer Ms. April's's cute and sounds like something kids would even be interested in.

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In desperate need of .......?

p t a ..on every level lots of chances enjoy it its cool

Please can you help me I am desperate!?

OK, You can't do it all at once, so prioritise.Stick a load in the machine,, that gets that started. tackle the messiest room next, move on from there in order of the messiest or the rooms you use ... Read More »

Please help!!!!!! I'm desperate!!?

Your ear canal is just a tube ending at the ear drum. Lay down with the plugged ear down. Take a nap, listen to music or whatever,DO NOT STICK ANYTHING IN YOUR EAR.It has to drain out.You may not h... Read More »


Sell off some DVD's or CD's,, they are worth plenty. Dont take out a loan for 300 lousy dollars... Pay as much as you possibly can on time,, and they will send you another bill for the remaining am... Read More »