I'm in desperate need of a name for my day care please help ASAP!!!?

Answer Ms. April's's cute and sounds like something kids would even be interested in.

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Need help ASAP please?

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Please help, i am very confused and i need help asap thanx?

I don't know the exact rules here in Virginia. But most probably you get a learner permit and permission to drive for about 40 days or more then you give test and get your licence.

I have no money, but I'm in desperate need of a laptop. Please help.?

Wait until Black Friday to go buy your laptop. They will be super cheap at like Best Buy or Target that day/night.

I am in DESPERATE need of my daycare name.need by 5:00!maybe u can help.i have been working on this all week!?

Congrats. on your new venture. Remember you are dealing with Mums and Dads before you get the kids in. So I think the name should appeal to Mums etc before the kids and reflect not only fun but ea... Read More »