I'm in chronic pain and can't sleep.?

Answer Hello,I too suffer from pain.Physical therapy does not work so well with arthritis, at least in my case. your going to have to take your drugs, sorry to say I hate those things and hardly ever tell... Read More »

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Is there help for chronic neck pain that goes into the ears and is only relieved through pain medicine?

What you describe could potentially be caused by trigger points in the neck muscles referring pain into the ear area. Check with a massage therapist who specializes in neuromuscular therapy. If tha... Read More »

How to get to sleep if you're a chronic insomniac?

If xanax no longer works, then you have developed a tolerance to it. Unfortunately, this means you also have some dependency on it, meaning if you don't take it your insomnia will be even worse. Th... Read More »

Cant sleep chronic toothache, any advice?

Chew cloves or rub clove oil on the tooth. Peel and crush a clove of fresh garlic and mix it with peanut butter. Apply it to the aching tooth and keep it there for some time. Add some lime juice to... Read More »

How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain?

My pain blooms everywhere; please try to understand...Chronic pain changes many things in life, most are invisible. Many people do not seem to understand chronic pain and its effects. Many people d... Read More »