I'm i the only one that can't access wikipedia?

Answer No Robert, it's not just you.. It's everyone.

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Did you know that you can still access Wikipedia despite them "blacking" it out?

Shut down in UK. Easy work-around. Go to - select the French version. Open new tab and go to - copy/paste the shortcut from the Wiki French tab... Read More »

My nethew is only 13 and wants to get a job but he cant find any jobs that will let him work?

How about offering his services to the mowing lawns, planting flowers, cleaning debris from yards, walking dogs, or just doing small things like that. Many elderly people can't do ... Read More »

How do I limit my home router so that only my computers have internet access?

There are a number of things you can do to secure your wireless connection. I strongly recommend you read PC World Magazine's article on how to secure your network:"Step-By-Step: How to Build a Sa... Read More »

Is wikipedia REALLY that unreliable It seems to be the only website i can actually understand?

Personally I love Wikipedia & every time I use some of their information on papers & essays, I get A's. They have loads of employees working on the pages so people can't put fictional statements.