I'm i the only one that can't access wikipedia?

Answer No Robert, it's not just you.. It's everyone.

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Cannot access

One of the co-founders was probably banging some conservative political pundit on top of the server rack.…

Is anyone able to access wikipedia?

Wikipedia resolved most of the problems by 3:00 PM EST, according to the site's official Twitter account. Due to continued overheating at the Amsterdam data center, however, users may still be expe... Read More »

How can I access Wikipedia when its blacked out?

The Wikimedia community provided a complete list of ways to bypass the blackout…

Did you know that you can still access Wikipedia despite them "blacking" it out?

Shut down in UK. Easy work-around. Go to - select the French version. Open new tab and go to - copy/paste the shortcut from the Wiki French tab... Read More »