Im hurting on the inside What is the best way to get through life?

Answer Seek God.

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Best SMART PHONE I'll be using AT&T through Costco. And I don't want an iPhone, not enough battery life.?

this link may help you out. Its comsumersearch and lists pros and cons of all the top rated phones.…

Can i get an ant inside my body through my vagina?

LMAO!! I'm sorry these people on here are crazy!!But It may have been a Chigger. They come out in the Spring and summer and you need a microscope to see them. They enjoy dark places like armpits,... Read More »

Scars inside through along pubic line?

Are they lines, or bumps? If they're bumps, do they feel firm under the skin? If they are lines, they're probably just stretch marks, which can happen to kids at any age while they grow. If the ... Read More »

Ferry Tours through the Inside Passage Starting from Seattle?

The Inside Passage, a natural phenomenon, is a picturesque route for ferries and ships, stretching from Washington State through Alaska. Travelers aboard ferries and cruise ships are able to spot g... Read More »