I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat?

Answer you can eat cheese vegetables salad with yogurt:)

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Im hungry and theres no food.?

Toast your bread and cover with grated cheese and bake them in the oven for the cheese to melt.Fry the eggs, and instead of flipping put a pot lid over the top toward the end and a splash of water,... Read More »

I'm hungry but there's nothing to eat?

you are very smart .. you could try to cook easy meals

I'm hungry, but there's nothing to eat for breakfast - what should I eat!?

cereal, toast, fruit, scrambled eggs, bagels, cookies, pancakes, or i don't need to have something! go to mcdonalds and buy something.

Had sex 3 times this month and the last time a lot of blood came then the next day it was brownish now theres nothing what does this mean?

Answer Sometimes blood follows sex.. it could have been many types of bleeding, ovulation, or other things.. if you are desiring pregnancy than I would take a test in a couple weeks, I would for s... Read More »