I'm hosting a dinner gathering for some executives from work this weekend.?

Answer Damn, all my ideas have been taken. My first choice would have been Mad Dog 20/20 because that tells the world you are a man of discerning taste. Purple Passion was always a lot of fun. I don't ... Read More »

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If I had a small gathering at my house this weekend...?

What dish at a holiday dinner or other family gathering has the best memories for you, and why?

Christmas Eve was ALWAYS Clam Chowder at Mom's...I've made it at my own home, and it just isn't the same. (The chowder's better, in fact, but it just isn't the same without the family gathered rou... Read More »

What did you learn from hosting too many dinner parties?

I learned that you'll run out of wine/beer unless you ask guests to bring some ..and be specific with people who may not know better. Nothing's worse than having a well-meaning but misguided guest ... Read More »

If you were hosting a dinner party, which 6 guests would you invite and why?

1. Antonio Banderas, as my eye candy2. Bill Gates, to make friends with the richest guy in the world3. Pervez Musharraf to learn how he has changed the fate of Pakistan4. Mariah Carey to sing and e... Read More »