I'm hosting a dinner gathering for some executives from work this weekend.?

Answer Damn, all my ideas have been taken. My first choice would have been Mad Dog 20/20 because that tells the world you are a man of discerning taste. Purple Passion was always a lot of fun. I don't ... Read More »

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If I had a small gathering at my house this weekend...?

What did you learn from hosting too many dinner parties?

I learned that you'll run out of wine/beer unless you ask guests to bring some ..and be specific with people who may not know better. Nothing's worse than having a well-meaning but misguided guest ... Read More »

Please suggets some GOOD Web Hosting Companies which are secure to Pay for Hosting so site cannot be hacked.!?

The most stable and secure Web Hosting company I've found is SiteServing. I host my VPS with them and their selection and prices are great. More than just the prices though, it their security. They... Read More »

Getting blood work this weekend and im super scared ! help?

First off, I was so scared when I was about to get my first blood test. But when it happened, I was totally fine. It does not hurt and usuaally the needle is what makes me nervous.And, after the te... Read More »