I,m here in tampa fl.the buzzing noise i hear outside every day.isnt that locusts?

Answer Probably crickets--

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I have a 32" tv that is making a short high pitched buzzing noise every couple minutes. Can I fix it?

Please don't take the back of the tv off good chance you will get killed that way you probably have a ground problem make sure your cable or/and house is grounded good try to plug the tv into a dif... Read More »

I have an old Teisco Del Rey guitar that makes a fuzzy/buzzing noise.?

can't say for certain but there is usually a small screw above and below the pickup you loosen or tighten to move the pickup up/down.the buzzing is likely from a bad ground. that could be anywhere ... Read More »

Magic jack i only hear every other word changed phones lines i even bought mjack plus still only hear every o?

wireless + VoIP = jitter, latency and poor audio connectiontry with a wired internet connection, if still having problems log into the router and make sure SIP ALG is disabled..

Why do you hear that crackling noise in your ears when you swallow or yawn?

Those noises indicate the adjustment of the pressure inside your middle ear. The middle ear cavity is separated from the exterior by the tympanic membrane, and the only connection of the middle ear... Read More »