Im having wireless connection issues.?

Answer Alright, I'll give you a few things I would try.1. When I loose connection, no other wireless devices in the house do.1A. On the router, do you have any type of security running? If so, do make su... Read More »

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Is having a wireless N router faster than having an ethernet connection or the opposite?

An N wireless router can transfer data up to 480 mbps. If any distance from the signal, shared with other computers, etc, and you will not get that speed - but it CAN get up to that 480.Most ethern... Read More »

Wireless laptop connection issues?

Sometimes the answer is turn the router off and then turn it back on again after 10 seconds or the laptop.

My Dell Laptop is having connection issues...?

Mostly this happens because of driver crashing . there are several steps to try with1.remove your battery2. remove the power adapter and press and hold your power button for 15 sec then put the bat... Read More »

3G wireless router in the Kuwait having issues?

Yes the B683 supports an external antenna, in the quick start manual the possibility of an external antenna is mentioned. It is not clear however, whether the external antenna is for wifi or for 3G... Read More »