Im having wireless connection issues.?

Answer Alright, I'll give you a few things I would try.1. When I loose connection, no other wireless devices in the house do.1A. On the router, do you have any type of security running? If so, do make su... Read More »

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Wireless laptop connection issues?

Sometimes the answer is turn the router off and then turn it back on again after 10 seconds or the laptop.

Is a wired lan connection give you a faster internet connection than a wireless connection?

Hi:)A wired connection will often be a little faster. But really it's more to do with stability, a wired connection is more stable because WiFi can suffer from interference, specially if your rout... Read More »

Why won't my wired local area connection work but my wireless connection will?

check your laptop's Ethernet driver is properly installed or not,and also check the ip configurations.

Can you set up a wireless connection on a laptop while using a hard wired connection?

You can configure your wireless connection while you are connected to a LAN line. But once you have it set up, make sure you disconnect one or the other for optimum performance. Having two connecti... Read More »