I'm having trouble sleeping help!?

Answer Have a bath before maybe a warm drink and have a read in bed this will relax you .good luck :)

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Having trouble sleeping please help:/?

Linaa: The inability to fall asleep as many reasons. Eating before bedtime, exercising before bed - if you are doing these things, stop.Try OTC Melatonin. Take one 3mg capsule with water 30 minutes... Read More »

I am having trouble Sleeping, what will help?

CaffeineThis is the most widely known cause of insomnia; if you are tossing and turning at night, start by tossing out the caffeine. An ingredient in coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and some medicat... Read More »

Im having trouble sleeping...?

Two things that have worked great for me lately have been (1) cutting the caffeine after 3:00 PM and (2) taking melatonin at about 8:00 PM. Melatonin is natural. It's what your body produces to m... Read More »

Why am I having so much trouble sleeping?

Caffeine/ sugar?Stress?Worrying too much about falling asleep?There are a couple of things that help me.Sleepy Time tea, or other tea with chamomile in itHot milk- it's not just an old wife's taleS... Read More »