I'm having trouble getting motivated today. Can you light a fire under my booty?

Answer But wouldn't that hurt? I don't wanna Uranus :(

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Anybody under 25 and having trouble getting pregnant?

That's exactly what I used to think! Unfortunately some people get pregnant almost straight away and others have to spend ages trying!I started TTC when I got married aged 19, I thought I would ge... Read More »

Is anyone else having trouble getting into Facebook today?

I can't get into facebook either it was alright at 9 this morning now keep getting internet explorer cannot display this web page.

Is anyone having trouble getting onto Facebook today Sept. 22, 2010?

I'm having the same problem. I was on this morning with no problem. They sent me an email with a link to click to reply, and my computer said it was an unknown link. Then I tried clicking on my Boo... Read More »

I'm having trouble with getting wet?

There are lot's of lubes in your drug store. I don't know where you are , but look for K-Y Jelly or Astroglide. These are a big help.