I'm having trouble eating in the morning?

Answer Make breakfast the night before and take it with you to work. If you have a toaster or microwave at work you can make pancakes or waffles ahead of time and heat them up there. You can also make sal... Read More »

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Is anyone having trouble with "googlemail" this morning?

Yip, server is down - What is the world going to do to survive.

Im terrified of the dentist and have a mouth full of abscesses...any ideas im having trouble eating.?

You will have to see your dentist, you can't ignore this. If you can't get an emergency dental appointment then see your doctor in the morning because you need antibiotics, which both the dentist ... Read More »

I am having problems with my new computer, and am having trouble remembering all of the things they have me ..?

H-man, I agree with Dune.. he has helped me numerous times.. just follow thru.. Good luck..

Does having thick hair make having layers tangly and puffy in the morning?

Wow, you just described my hair before I got my layers. I have really thick hair like yours. I was thinking of getting layers, but I didn't know if they would make my hair even more poofy. I was to... Read More »