I'm having problems with a parent...?

Answer's sad isn't it. Yes, since you are being brushed off maybe you can politely but firmly tell her that your concerns have not diminished by any means and you feel that you may have to c... Read More »

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Help!! Ankle & parent problems!!!?

If your mom won't take you to a doctor the best thing you can do is try to treat it yourself. Whenever you can go grab an ice pack or a plastic Baggie and a thin towel or a few paper towels and wra... Read More »

How to Avoid Parent Problems?

Parents are a pain. They have good intentions, but they can be controlling, sometimes to the point of desperation. So, how do we manage to stop them?

How to Talk About Your Problems With a Parent?

Be Peaceful!You may have trouble solving a problem that has been a problem for too long now. Talk to a parent about it! Here's how to do so:

In the state of Ohio does a child have to live with a parent 50 percent of the time in order for that parent to be considered a Residential Parent?

Answer I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was descr... Read More »