I'm having problems with YouTube?

Answer The samething just happened to me, and I was left scratching my head. I ended deleting my whole g-mail account, and made a new one, but right now I can't sign up cause im getting a "500 internal se... Read More »

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YouTube!! IS anyone else having problems opening YouTube?

probably the server went down for a bit because it was overloaded. no cause for alarm. it happens a lot. if you are THAT dependent on it, now thats a problem.

Anyone having problems with youtube?

Yep, can't even get the site to load. It's really annoying. Looks like the servers are down AGAIN. >.>

Anyone else got youtube problems?

oh I am having the same problem and just asked the same question and then I saw a bunch of other people did too. Must be something wrong with it not our computers.see all the questions http://answ... Read More »

Youtube problems?

whoa! it says that it cannot find the server for!