I'm having problems with CSS?

Answer delete that img block from css that make your all img to fix at corner positionmore help contact :

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I am having problems with my new computer, and am having trouble remembering all of the things they have me ..?

H-man, I agree with Dune.. he has helped me numerous times.. just follow thru.. Good luck..

How to Deal With Someone Who Is Having Problems With Drugs or Drinking?

Is there someone in your life that is having problems with drugs or alcohol? You cannot change anyone else's behavior, only your own. Here is how to survive.

Whats wrong with my ipod Having several problems with it please help!?

It's is a bit confusing to try and follow. If I'm understanding you can charge when using your father's white cable. So connect your ipod to your laptaop with that cable and see what happens.

I'm having problems with my computer?

I'd go to a counselor If i were you, things may get serious and you may end up having a divorce!!