I'm having problem with a customer (japanese restaurant)?

Answer Change it, appologize, and remember the customer is always right - even when they are wrong.

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Vista problem. I'm having a problem with the mouse not working?

I had the same problem and it came down to restore. I didn't want to do it but I did. It was a screen program that I down loaded and it shut my mouse down.

How to Clear a Problem With a Self Checkout Machine As a Customer?

Self checkout machines are great. They provide a way for you to checkout your order yourself without squeezing in with the crowds. However, sometimes the machine will halt your order for no reason ... Read More »

The problem with wart. I am having an wart problem between two figures of legs?

Use surgical spirt to wash and apply salycilic acid gel.

How can a non Virgin Media customer check out a possible problem with one of their phones (my daughter)?

I believe that their fault reporting number is 0845 454 1111, give them a bell, presumably you know the number to report as faulty. That number is not free by the way.Best of luck with it, Bob.