I'm having dinner and I want to know what wine goes?

Answer if its a white mouse,its white wineif its a red mouse, clean it cause its probably a white mouse

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We're having a dinner party, but my friend is pregnant. What can I serve her instead of wine?

serve her sparkling water or a virgin drink

I am having a dinner for 7 adults, but want to get by as cheap and easy as possible, what do I prepare?

Taco Bar w/ beans and rice is pretty inexpensive; you can make it really fun too Ingretients:* 2 lbs ground beef* 1 teaspoon Salt* 2 tablespoons Chilli powder* 2 tablespoons Paprika* 1 teaspoon Cum... Read More »

Im having a friend over for dinner, usually i know what to make.. but now im nervous and need ideas..?

Pork chops and spaghetti with marinara sauce would be a great dinner

I am having a spooky themed party and want to know where I can buy a brain mould. I live in Brisbane.?

I have made spaghetti and put it into a bowl as a mold. Do not rinse the spaghetti.