I'm having dinner and I want to know what wine goes?

Answer if its a white mouse,its white wineif its a red mouse, clean it cause its probably a white mouse

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What temperature should red dinner wine be served at?

You should serve almost all red wines at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Most wine cellars are around this temperature. If the bottle is at room temperature, stick the bottle in the ... Read More »

Can you drink wine at dinner in america at any age?

We're having a dinner party, but my friend is pregnant. What can I serve her instead of wine?

serve her sparkling water or a virgin drink

I've been invited to dinner at my boss's mansion tonight. Will one box of wine be enough?

Your boss has the mansion and you're the one expected to bring wine? Something ain't right here. Just bring in that 2/3rds full bottle of diet pepsi that's been going flat in the back of your fri... Read More »