I'm having contractions but not pregnant?

Answer It's probably just to do with your period or ovulation

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Im 13 and 14 weeks pregnant and alredy having contractions what should I do?

Most likely they're "Braxton Hicks contractions" which are kind of like "practice" contractions. Especially if they stop if you change positions or move around a bit. Either way, it's a good idea ... Read More »

Can a man's seman cause contractions in a pregnant woman?

Answer to a wierd question Reacted due to massive amounts of stupidity contained within the first answer.From"Sex and nipple stimulation can be very effective in starting and aug... Read More »

Been having a lot of mild contractions 38 weeks pregnant is labor soon?

What you are experiencing is called Braxton-Hicks contractions. It is perfectly normal. It is the body's way of "practicing" for the real thing. As long as there is no constant pressure on the floo... Read More »

What should a 13 year old girl do if she is pregnant with twins and is having contractions at 7 months?

Answer Call an ambulance and go ditrectly to the hospital.Unfortunately this answer is likely to be too late.