Im having bathroom troubles HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer take the knob off use a broom handle to push the downers back its easy

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Windows xp troubles?

Hi there, seems as though your "MBR" (Master boot record) has become corrupt, its nothing that cant be fixed, if its possible try and download a program called Unbuntu or knoppix both are free to u... Read More »

HR troubles in Nebraska?

You sound like you are out of luck! They made a decision, and you have to live with it. I wish all of the teenagers that do dumb things could read your letter. How a small transgression can affe... Read More »

Have troubles with my galaxy s3! Please help! ?

go to message->open options->notification........make the settings as per your requirement. :)

Oxycodone troubles, please help!?

HiIf you believe there is the need to take it when you do not have a true physical reason for it, then possibly yes. Have you taken any more and are you continually thinking about wanting to take m... Read More »