I'm having a problem with my private part?

Answer It might be just because of violent act or not so clean fingers.if it does not go away in a couple of days,you need a doctor.

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Could you get pregnant if your having fun and you play wrestling with your 9yr old brother and his penis is Aline with your private part and he gets on top of you?

Lol not unless you are both nude, it goes in, and he makes sperm.

Vista problem. I'm having a problem with the mouse not working?

I had the same problem and it came down to restore. I didn't want to do it but I did. It was a screen program that I down loaded and it shut my mouse down.

Problem with calling on a private number?

The problem with wart. I am having an wart problem between two figures of legs?

Use surgical spirt to wash and apply salycilic acid gel.