I'm having a problem with my private part?

Answer It might be just because of violent act or not so clean fingers.if it does not go away in a couple of days,you need a doctor.

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If I make part of my profile on Facebook private can other's see it?

No, Hear is a another option. If you select it Only me, that no one can see your Facebook activity. If you select Private sometime some of your friends will be able to see your activity on our Face... Read More »

Problem with calling on a private number?

Can a private purchased home be part of a condominium complex?

Not usually. Since all condominium owners potentially own the land and the exterior of the buildings (and more) in common, a private home and its grounds wouldn't fit within that definition. Howev... Read More »

Could you get pregnant if your having fun and you play wrestling with your 9yr old brother and his penis is Aline with your private part and he gets on top of you?

Lol not unless you are both nude, it goes in, and he makes sperm.