I'm having a huge bathroom problem ?

Answer Start with small steps, although I'm not sure you will need twelve.The first step, however, should involve becoming comfortable with the idea of using a toilet away from home and in a public settin... Read More »

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I have a huge squirrel problem this year.?

The time tested non violent way is to hang cut outs or toys of Eagle or Vulture or Crow .It works.

Huge PSU/Motherboard related problem. Please HELP!!!?

your psu is plenty for your pc so it can handle your pc easilyok remove all the psu cables from your pc and reinstall it and turn on your pc if it doesn't start then buy a generic 400w psu remove y... Read More »

I have a problem with swelling huge tooth sensitivity ever since my filling this tuesday...what could this be?

could be a few things but its likely that it wasn't just a cavity. the tooth decay spread through and down the tooth and started to balloon out the end causing the swelling. this means you will nee... Read More »

How to Solve a Problem With Peeling Paint in a Bathroom?

Peeling paint in a bathroom happens after a bathroom is repainted. The common places in a bathroom where this occurs is near the sink, the bath/shower or toilet. The cause for this peeling occurs w... Read More »