I'm having GPU problems...?

Answer You may have the graphics settings up too high. Try playing with lower graphics. If that doesn't work, turn off motion blur and turn down AA as well - they are the things that put a lot of stress o... Read More »

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I am having problems with my new computer, and am having trouble remembering all of the things they have me ..?

H-man, I agree with Dune.. he has helped me numerous times.. just follow thru.. Good luck..

My printer is having problems?

Refilling cartridges are simple enough, but at times refilled ink cartridges may work, but mostly not. Most printers will not recognize refilled ink cartridges. Once the ink is exhausted, the chip... Read More »

I'm having problems with CSS?

delete that img block from css that make your all img to fix at corner positionmore help contact :

Im having portforwarding problems.?

Resetting the router also resets any DHCP address pool. Sounds like your minecraft server was not at a static LAN IP address - your fault then.Always, always set any server that has port forwarding... Read More »