I'm having Bigfoot over this weekend for a barbecue....what should I serve....?

Answer I've watched that big guy eating out here in the bush,maybe I could send you the black bear carcass he buried to eat next week,like "muc tuc".

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Im having my first yard sale this weekend. Any hints?

I've had a lot of garage sales. We tend to collect junk so we do it twice a year to keep sane. He is out strategy:I have one of those office-type urn coffee makers, so I make coffee and have donuts... Read More »

Having a BBQ this weekend - what's interesting to cook other than sausages and burgers?

Shish Kabob,1-0,sh…

My boyfriend wants to get a 40 inch flat screen tv because they are having a big sale this weekend. Is $799 a?

well first of all check if its a name brand or not and what kind of "flat screen is this" lcd dlp plasma. How old is your son if he is small and touchs the screen often it will get ruined if you ge... Read More »

Should I serve bran muffins for desert when my boss comes over?

NEVER serve a muffin for dessert (your desert is a hot, dry land surrounding an oasis)..... Anyway, a bran muffin WOULD be like surving a desert rather then a dessert.... Give the boss som... Read More »