I'm handicapped. Only one arm.?

Answer a lot of people with two arms type with just one finger. lolsure, looks like you're doing it now. i also wouldn't consider you handicapped for this either. i had a neighbor with one arm and he did ... Read More »

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Is it alright to use the symbol for the handicapped to make fun of people you consider mentally handicapped

What is the definition for physically handicapped?

Words in the English language are constantly changing. A term that is acceptable now may be considered degrading or politically incorrect in the near future. For example, the term "physically handi... Read More »

Is Mecca handicapped accessible?

The city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is partially accessible to the handicapped. The Grand Mosque is well-equipped for people with disabilities with escalators, ramps and wheelchairs for use. For the ... Read More »

Handicapped Accessible Schools?

When a child has a disability, it is important to find ways to help her stay active and involved with friends at school and in the community. Narrow doorways, stairs and small bathrooms present pro... Read More »