I'm gonna get braces soon ?

Answer funny thing, you get to choose what color you want your braces to be and if you choose yellow you can show it off to ur friends and say " I got meh some grillz" hehe that wat i did lol some actuall... Read More »

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Am I gonna look stupid with braces:L (pic)?

Try asking yourself these questions:1) Do I need braces?2) Will having braces give advantage to my teeth in the future?If the answers are "yes", then it doesn't matter whether having braces looks g... Read More »

Im getting braces soon what color should i get is it gonna be painfull?

I got my braces on on February 14th, it didn't hurt AT ALL! The "procedure" of getting them on is painless. The only pain there is happens AFTER a day of having them on. Your teeth get SUPER sore/t... Read More »

What's the point in getting braces if my wisdom teeth are gonna ruin it all ?

knowledge is power. ask the dentist/orthodontist for a recommendation. there are a disproportionate number of needle phobics on this site. i,ve had my wisdom teeth removed. the sooner you do it aft... Read More »

What do you think is gonna happened to that Boston Bomber survivor is he gonna have sentences then released?

He will never see freedom again. If he doesn't get the death sentence, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.