Im gonna buy a new desktop can anyone recommend a very good brand?

Answer Do not buy a name brand machine. They are overpriced, use questionable quality parts and are very proprietary. You will get a MUCH better system, probably for a lot less money, by going to a smal... Read More »

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I'm gonna want an LCD flatscreen tv between 32 and 42 inches. Which tv/brand would you recommend?

I would go with Samsung---they have a great rating...Stay away from off brand crap...RCA is not what it used to be-a name only-that is basically a third party off brand at this point. Just to add-I... Read More »

What is a good/popular brand of raw honey thank you so much. (im gonna buy it for my bad allergies)?

You could try buying a locaal brand of raw honey from whatever state you're from from Fairway or Whole Foods.

Can anyone recommend a good printer brand. I've previously used HP and find the ink etc too expensive..?

Brother all-in-one printers,are cheap and reliable.…The best thing about it is you can get the ink for£2.88p all seperate full cartridges blue,cyan,yel... Read More »

Can someone recommend a good brand of wireless speakers that are laptop compatible?