I'm gonna be going to six flags soon. I have fair skin. What SPF should I use?

Answer it doesn't matter if you are fair or dark everyone needs same SPfeveryday basic should be spf 15if going to a beach or park an sunscreen with Spf 30+ (30 or higher)

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Im getting braces soon what color should i get is it gonna be painfull?

I got my braces on on February 14th, it didn't hurt AT ALL! The "procedure" of getting them on is painless. The only pain there is happens AFTER a day of having them on. Your teeth get SUPER sore/t... Read More »

I am going to attempt to conceive soon. What should I do to prepare?

Yes, there are things that help. 1. I would go ahead and start writing down when you start your period, and how long each cycle is. Your cycle is the first day you start your period, to the very ne... Read More »

What Color Should Someone with Fair Skin Dye Their Hair?

Lots of us have old film reels stacked in the attic--memories of the days gone by, shot on an old 16mm or 8mm camera of children running around or birthday parties. The best way to preserve memorie... Read More »

I'm going to college soon, should I buy a Desktop or a laptop?

First, talk to your college. But laptops cost more, break easily, cost more to expand and fix and get stolen. If you can, get a desktop. Use a laptop only if you MUST. For a desktop, consider ... Read More »