Im gonna barely start wearing makeup?

Answer your 16 years old and yes i think you might be too young to wear a lot of make up. try keeping it simple and if your going to use eye shadows, try using very natural light colors like nudes. A ve... Read More »

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My bfriend wants me to start wearing makeup.where do i start from?

Well only do things that you want to do. Don't try to please others. But if you want to learn about applying makeup I'm a Mary Kay consultant and we give free makeovers. I can show you how to ap... Read More »

If u start wearing makeup since ur 11 what happens?

As long as you take care of your skin you'll be fine, make sure you take off all your make up at night though or your pores will become blocked, causing spots! Some make up ranges provide a more fo... Read More »

What age should you start wearing makeup...?

Ignore the first answer. That was rude.Age 12 and grade 7 is perfect. It's the year I started wearing it. However, its a personal thing. When you and your parents feel it's a good time. Dont wear t... Read More »

At what age did you start wearing makeup?

I started wearing make-up in 6th grade at either 12 or 13. I was limited as to how much my mom would let me wear. My sister on the other hand didn't until later in high school. Depends on the pe... Read More »