I'm going vegeterian for a week?

Answer Good on you! *pats you on back* I was going to go back to being vegetarian, but I havent got there yet. My mum doesnt want me too, and keeps cooking me meat! im like ahhhhhh! but then theres nothin... Read More »

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Where can I buy vegeterian ice?

Any ice you buy should be vegetarian safe, after all it should be straight water.Dune

Help am i a vegeterian ?

I have been a vegeterian for 4 months?

don't worry about it so much. i have been a vegetarian for 13 years. i have accidentally eaten meat too. don't stress. its ok. you can still be a veg. your not seeking out meat. anyway, vegetarian ... Read More »

How can Men be vegeterian / vegan?

There are many ways to get your protein as mentioned below. Protein deficiency is a PERCEIVED problem with a vegan diet.