I'm going vegeterian for a week?

Answer Good on you! *pats you on back* I was going to go back to being vegetarian, but I havent got there yet. My mum doesnt want me too, and keeps cooking me meat! im like ahhhhhh! but then theres nothin... Read More »

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Is going gym 6 days a week, overtraining?

not really, depending on what you are doing, if you are smart and split your workouts accordingly and let your body rest in-between you'll be fine.

Are you going to turn off your television for the week?

Should I Turn My Computer Off If I Am Not Going to Use it for a Week?

The Harley Davidson company was founded by William Davidson and Arthur Harley in 1903 and since has been one of the leaders in motorcycle production. Keeping tires properly inflated, checking tires... Read More »

I am going to London for one week. Will I die of swine flu?