I'm going to the shop, how many beers should i buy?

Answer Buy all of the beers!

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How many beers like bud light should i drink to get just a little tipsy?

That depends on a lot of things; like your size, how tired you are, or what you've had to eat that day. Go here to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) pr... Read More »

HELP!!! I am going to the mall to shop for back to school clothes in about 10 min. What should I get?

1 a really great shoe2 a good pair of pants that will last3 a cute fashionable/trendy top4 a plain tee5 and whatever you think is cute.

Can you give me a list of some beers I should try Do you want to see my list of beers I have tried?

You seem down with some pretty strong and bold beers, good job with your list so far. American Beers:Magic Hat - #9Dogfish Head - 90 Minute IPAPort Brewing - Old ViscosityOmmegang - Rare VosNorth C... Read More »

Why do I feel like I'm going to blackout after only 3 beers?

As someone suggested... maybe some sort of allergy. But drink 2 and you won't have the problem. Or don't drink any.