I'm going to the gym tomorrow, what machine's make legs toned?

Answer If you want to get toned legs, leg workouts alone won't do it, because for ur legs to get toned, u have to lose the fat around it, and to lose the fat around it u need cardio. All you need to do is... Read More »

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How do I get abs and toned legs?

Running removes the layer of fat from your stomach, mix running with core. Burn more calories than you take in and you'll have abs in a few weeks. Make sure to mix up your core exercises as well ... Read More »

How to Make a Two-Toned Wig?

When you want to try out an edgy two-toned hairstyle, but don't want to expose your own hair to harsh chemicals, a handmade weft wig will let you have it both ways. You can use any two packets of w... Read More »

How to Make Up a Dark Toned Face?

Because skin color varies greatly from woman to woman, makeup choices, textures and colors must vary as well. Many women wear makeup, and even those who don't apply makeup on a daily basis have eve... Read More »

What is difference between double toned milk and single toned milk?

double toned milk is very low fat and single toned milk has some little more fat.The milk toned one time then the fat content will be 70% and the two time toned milk has only 40 % fat conent.For he... Read More »