I'm going to get 4 teeth pulled and i'm TERRIFIED?

Answer I would go ahead, and get the removed, if I were you! Don't be too terrified about it. Just remember, in the end, you will have straight, pretty teeth! :D It will all be worth it, in the end!

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I am terrified of the dentist and need my wisdom teeth pulled. How bad does it really hurt?

It was actually quite enjoyable for me (I know that sounds WEIRD...) and I even had 2 impacted teeth - which supposedly hurt the most. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one appointment. They put ... Read More »


Tough it out! its not bad!!! there are people who cant afford a nice mile who wish to be in your position!!there are many people with abscessed teeth who had a root canal done with no lidocaine

Im going to disneyland the day before having my wisdom teeth pulled, anything i should be avoiding?

The dentist will tell you not to drink or eat a couple hours before the surgery.After the surgery I suggest you rest often and change bloody gaws often as well. You should avoid using a straw becau... Read More »

Teeth in bad shape, and I'm terrified of the dentist?

Oh are really getting yourself worked up and I feel so badly for you. I'm a dental hygienist, have been practicing for 20 years and it makes me hang my head in shame whenever I hear a stor... Read More »