I'm going to choose a hobbie over a boyfriend. what are some cool hobbies?

Answer Making Boyfriends!

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What are some new hobbies or activities to try?

What are some of Ellen Degeneres' hobbies?

Dancing, Listening to music, Loving her life

What are Some Hobbies that Teens are Interested In?

Any parent of teenage children knows that boredom is a constant enemy. If you are worried that your teen will channel his boredom into partying, drugs or just living in front of an electronic scree... Read More »

I am 13 and i am addicted to msn. i need some hobbie ideas, i do sport about 5 times a week?

1. Try golfing, or get a friend to mini golf with you. People who enjoy regular golf can spend a whole afternoon at the course. 2. It's summer, go swimming! Even if you don't live near a beach, m... Read More »