I'm going to chalk my hair this weekend, do you have to use heat?

Answer No you don't have to straighten it. And if you brush it out it doesn't come off.

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How can I encourage labor to come this weekend I am 40 weeks pregnant and if he don't come I'm going to have a scheduled induction any suggestions?

induction i wish u the best of luck but u cannot encourage labor to come. Biologically, the baby will contract in the womb when he/she is ready to come, you're body is the one that makes labor poss... Read More »

Anyone going to Madison Minnesota this weekend, Little State Fair?

Sounds like a good time, off what hi way is it? Please & Thank you for the information.

I have a sore throat. Should i go away this weekend?

While sore throats are no fun,the cold weather doesn't make you sick.Its been proven that viruses are what makes us feel sick.If you aren't running a fever or have chills,you should be fine.I would... Read More »

My roommate and I are going to the Purdue vs Michigan State basketball ESPN Gameday at Purdue this weekend. Does anyone know of any creative sign ideas for Purdue?