Im going to buy some RAM for my computer?

Answer 1. Purchase a static wrist strap and grounding mat (Approx. $15 at Radio Shack)2. Turn the computer off.3. Leave it plugged in (the ground pin in the plug end aids in grounding the unit).4. Open th... Read More »

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My husband downloaded some dirty sites and my computer is going slow?

If you are not using them or do not need ever to use them, you can uninstall them. If you are in possession of a cd/dvd that came with your computer (from HP) then you can install these components ... Read More »

I am going to make some hot chocolate would you like some?

I would love some hot chocolate Deb, Thank you. cadburys please,you are very kind my friend. Have a nice evening. (HUGS).

My tower computer is acting up. My monitor was going into power saving mode and going dead, Why?

My husband is going away on business and I'm going with him. Can I get US TV on my computer?

Some sites will only allow access from US IP Addresses. If you are traveling abroad and still want to access your US sites, the best way to do this is to use a proxy server. This will give you a ... Read More »