I'm going to Sonic, can I get you anything?

Answer foot long coney w/ jalapenosroute 44 sweet tealarge onion ringsALL that for hubbyI just want a root beer floatPlease and Thank You!Dang now I'm gonna have to go back out!

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What sonic tv show is coming out after sonic x?

none at first it was going to be season 4 of sonic x but not any more

How to Unlock Metal Sonic in Sonic R?

If you're not sure how to unlock Metal Sonic in Sonic R, follow these steps to success.

Do they still have sonic on tv?

yes they do, on My TV 20 or CW50 they have a show called Sonic X in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays at like 8:30 am. Also you can go on youtube or to watch the olds ones or Sonic X... Read More »

Does Amy like Sonic only?

Amy likes Sonic but Sonic doesn't like her.