I'm going to Sonic, can I get you anything?

Answer foot long coney w/ jalapenosroute 44 sweet tealarge onion ringsALL that for hubbyI just want a root beer floatPlease and Thank You!Dang now I'm gonna have to go back out!

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What sonic tv show is coming out after sonic x?

none at first it was going to be season 4 of sonic x but not any more

Is their going to be anything good on tv on Monday?

I'm going down to the Chinese, do you want anything?

wudnt mind vegiie springrolls with a gravy chip

Did the CIA have anything to do what is going on in Tunisia?

Shortly, yes. One can suppose that the CIA (read US government) wants most life-long Arab leaders ousted - as soon will happen. Five years ago a US Ambassador to Tunisia suggested the following rep... Read More »