Im going into year 7 and i still have headlice!!!!!!?

Answer Don't panic, you can use ordinary shampoo to kill them. Just lather up and leave it on for 4 minutes. That will kill the adults and weaken the glue that holds the eggs to the hair.Rinse and comb th... Read More »

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Is dale still going to be on ESPN this year in nascar?

Hey guys I am 168cm going 19 this year. I wonder if I can still grow :(?

Yes you can but you won't grow much it will only be an inch or two unless your a late bloomer 5ft 6in is short for a male you will be very lucky too reach 5ft 7in or 5ft 8in you can still grow at 1... Read More »

I am going to Private college next year, will I be still able to get student loan?

If this school is recognized by the Dept of Education to receive federal funds then yes, you can get federal grants and loans if you qualify. But remember, a school this cost you will have to take... Read More »

Summer Jobs For 13 Year old Girl Going into 8th Grade?

Since you are under 14, the possibilities open to you are very limited. You will have to go into business for yourself.Make a list of stuff people hate to do for themselves, but that you can enjoy... Read More »