I'm going for an indian meal tonight. any suggestionson what i can order?

Answer The best way to eat chicken is tandoori chicken, or of you prefer it off the bone, chicken tikka.Order some raitha, which is a cold yoghurt dish, and helps in case you get something too spicy - tas... Read More »

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Whats the best vegetarian meal to order at an indian takeaway?

Chickpea Patia or Mattar Paneer.……

I'm going for an Indian tonight - what shall i order?

I would go with the Indian on the side of the road, who cries at all the trash on the side of the road.He looks so sad, and he looks like he needs a friend.

What shall I order from the Indian tonight?

What is your favourite indian meal?

Vindaloo if ive been drinking but madras if not.