I'm going down to the Chinese, do you want anything?

Answer wudnt mind vegiie springrolls with a gravy chip

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I'm going for a chinese, what do you want?

honey chilli chicken please!i'll go to the off-licence while you're out and pick us up some booze too.

We're going to gut our kitchen. Does the tile go down before the cabinets are set down?

I'd say the first two answers are correct for two reason in most cases, Firstly if you tiled first, there might be a situations were you might need to remove some to make the kitchen installation w... Read More »

I want an antivirus that do not slow down my Ativius slows down my pc upto 30%?

Best AVs on the market (as an IT and digital arts teacher, have given most a run for their money)Free - AVG (better than many paid-for AV's)Paid-for: Symantec Corporate (is available to anyone via ... Read More »

Im going out drinking tonight. What can I drink before hand to coat my stomach so it wont burn going down?

milk with some antiacids...but, how's about you just don't get drunk? oooooh! there's a good idea!