Im going Anerexic,?

Answer Well, okay, at least you're not going buleimic. That will ruin your teeth (or did you think stomach acid didn't dissolve tooth enamel?). It sounds like what you're actually doing is seeking a drast... Read More »

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Does it sound like im anerexic?

An anorexic male? Very rare. Do your breasts hurt, too?

What happens to anerexic girls?

I know you said not to go into details but you have to know what can happen and how dangerous it can be. When you start to become anerexic, you are starving yourself. You will get tired and your bo... Read More »

Anerexic and bulimia.How do i do it.?

first you should know THIS IS A STUPID IDEA:but I'll answer anyway,you need to have will power- Anorexia is all about control ...the 1st 2-3 days of starvation are the hardest- (many people practic... Read More »

What is a good app to use if your anerexic?

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