Im getting very tired of this!?

Answer Courage, it sounds like a problem there. Things happen to me like that too. I wish i could help,but i would know where to start. Take care....

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You have been feeling very very tired and very dizzy lately could this be a sign of you already pregnant?

Answer At the stage when you already feel dizzy it is possible to perform a home test and it would show positive 14 days after unprotecetd sex. All the best to you!

Getting really tired of this... Help!?

It is not normal to have that much acne. Trust me, you are very short in vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A. Also, stop the sodas and sugar treats completely.Buy some good balanced Vit-... Read More »

If you have been tired nauseated everyday and had very tender breasts for the past couple weeks could this be caused by anything besides pregnancy?

Answer Possibly, but all those symptoms together usually mean you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure.

What do you do when you come back home very tired and very hungry and you find out that no one made dinner yet?

Make your own dinner or make reservations.