I'm getting this iexplore.exe - application error?

Answer Don't uninstall IE. Just visit and update it.The suggestion to switch to Firefox is also an option. I prefer it over IE; you still need IE for some Web sites to work pr... Read More »

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What is an application error?

When a program in Microsoft Windows causes a computer to crash, this is called an application error. Depending on the version on Windows, the exact wording of the error or message you receive can v... Read More »

What is a Cli.exe application error?

A Cli.exe application error indicates a problem with the Catalyst Control Center application that is installed with ATI graphics video card driver software. Installing the Catalyst Control Center s... Read More »

How to Fix the Csrss.Exe Application Error?

The csrss.exe is a normal computer application that Windows needs to run at all times. “Csrss” is short for “Client/Server Run Time Subsytem" and controls the system windows, creation and del... Read More »

What is an application launcher.exe error?

Several different software applications, including malicious software, or malware, install an executable file called "application launcher.exe," so an error could be caused by the failure of an app... Read More »