I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed today... how long is the recovery time?

Answer For everybody is different i got my four tooken out too and in about 3 weeks i was feeling ok. If they use the right anextesia and do everything right your face wont even be that swollen. You dont ... Read More »

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How long is the recovery time after wisdom teeth removal?

It depends how you had them out - was it under general anthestic in a hospital or just at the dentists?Once you have had them removed, you need to be careful not to eat really hot or really cold fo... Read More »

Wisdom teeth removed today ... Would I be able to go back to work Monday?

It really depends on your pain level,but honestly I would wait until Tuesday to be on the safe is like a minor surgery and air and talking wont help.

What is the recovery time for wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth recovery time?

I got all for done at once. Was able to eat fairly normally after a day (food got stuck in holes) i also smoked after my novicane wore off and they healed just fine. Don't take too deep of drags an... Read More »