I'm getting my tonsils removed?

Answer Does he have you on Tetracycline, or a similar antibiotic? A side effect of that medicine is increased skin sensitivity to sunlight.It's not the surgery; it's the drug...

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Should I get my tonsils removed?

Have you seen a physician who specializes in that? They have criteria for that surgery. For example do your tonsils obstruct breathing when sleeping and frequent infections ( which you no longer ha... Read More »

How much does it cost to have your tonsils removed?

As of 2009, the average cost of tonsil removal surgery---or tonsillectomy---is $5,442. This price may range from $4,153 to $6,381 depending on the expense of anesthesia, the physician's fee, the lo... Read More »

Why do people get their tonsils removed?

They are only removed if you have repeated throat infections, if the tonsils are persistently infected or otherwise diseased beyond recovery they will take them out. It's not a very common practice... Read More »

How do I Get Rid of Bad Breath After Tonsils Are Removed?

Reoccurring tonsillitis often leads to the removal of one's tonsils. This is a surgical procedure, referred to as a tonsillectomy, that takes several weeks to completely heal from. During this time... Read More »