I'm getting my braces one before school starts?

Answer Same heeree !!! Like my appointment is next week and school starts sept. 4 for me :P but anyways try not to think about. You will be with ur friends by then and enjoy ! Take some medication for som... Read More »

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Do you need braces before getting crowns?

On One Hand: For an Overbite or ImplantIn some situations involving an overbite, you may need braces before you get crowns, according to Simple Steps to Better Dental Health. The overbite can cause... Read More »

How to Relax Yourself Before Getting Braces?

Many people feel nervous about getting braces. Before you get braces you may want to use these helpful tips to get you ready.

What is the process before getting braces?

There's a wide variety of things that may happen on the 23rd. They might give you spacers if they have to space out your teeth and then put in a palate expander to expand your upper jaw, they might... Read More »

Getting Braces Soon... Advice of before & after?

It's not that bad. And maybe I only say that now I have them off:) But it's really worth itBe really careful for the first 2-3 weeks, just so that the glue can dry. After that, no one really follow... Read More »