Im getting fat! What can i do to lose?

Answer Alrighty, sounds like you have some common problems most ppl go through. Don't worry! Just follow these steps!:)Adjusting to a new lifestyle will be easier if you do it slowly. So,keep eating break... Read More »

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Can you lose your liquor license for getting a DUI in Indiana?

On One Hand: Not DirectlyAs of May 2010, there are no laws in Indiana under which the holder of a liquor license can lose the license because of a DUI conviction. The Indiana Code lists the reasons... Read More »

Will You Lose the Unemployment You Are Getting From the State of Florida if You Move?

While moving doesn't necessarily cancel your Florida unemployment benefits, it can require some changes on your part. Moves within the state require that you update your information with the Agency... Read More »

Help I am getting married in 3 months and i need to lose 25 pounds, any suggestions ?

Don't be so hard on yourself.But try eating fewer, smaller meals throughout the day. And no snacking. It just takes self discipline.

Does getting hair in your eyes make you lose your eyesight?

Only if you stare, diffuse, squint, or strain because of it. These are incorrect vision habits that squeeze our eyes out of shape and give us blurry vision. I have student who blurred her vision in... Read More »